Every team has their day/week/month that motivation lacks in their work compared to the other day/week/month. We have put a list together of 5 things that will improve their motivation, especially around the holidays!

  1. Build a Foundation:
    Building a foundation lets your employee know how they are grounded in the company. Tell them about the history of the company. Let them know how their position matters. Ask them about their personal goals and expectations from the company.
  2. Positive Environment:
    Employees want to come to work and enjoy it. They want to be able to do their job and do it to the best of their ability. Creating a positive environment can be as easy as, positive feedback from the boss, breaks during the day, realistic goals for them to reach.
  3. Right Paths:
    Employees want to know how they can advance at all times. Climbing the corporate ladder is a dream almost every American has had at some point. Let them know the goals and ways they can continue to advance in their position or advance to a higher position.
  4. Education:
    Education is a crucial part in keeping your employees motivated. Times change so fast and your company needs to keep up! The more you can teach your employee now, the longer they will stay with your company!
  5. Don’t Forget The Fun:
    Fun is not a term used often in the business world. It can come in any form or fashion. Keep your employees on their toes and let them enjoy themselves. Office Parties, Catered Lunches, Casual Friday, etc.

How do you keep your employees motivated?

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